Saturday, March 09, 2013

Saturday Series Continued

Yesterday was Ziggy's birthday.  My man is a shiny new 35 years old.  He took it in stride - he enjoyed a few beers and the company of friends before (and well after) the clock struck twelve.  I had two cupcakes yesterday - heck, and today - in his honor.  Well, because of that and because I love cupcakes.  Since I worked today and had the night shift yesterday, we will be celebrating him again on Sunday.  Tomorrow, cake!

We've moved, changed jobs, and altered educational trajectories; from 34 to 35, a lot has changed in Z's life.  Like father like son.  Connor continues to grow before our eyes.  As is the case on every Saturday I work, when I got home 'Rad seemed older.  I was looking at his profile while holding him in my arms this evening and he is truly a little boy.  Toddler schmoddler, this kid is a kid.

This was today's installation into the Saturday Series:

Hello extreeeeeme close up

Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight!

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