Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Saturday Series

On Saturday's while I'm at work, Connor and Z go on exciting adventures like eating at a new place for breakfast with Grandpa or heading out of town to new shops where Z can chase 'Rad down the aisles or search for him through racks of clothes.  Last Saturday they decided to stay in town after breakfast, so I got this picture of the little man playing in his room:

A few weeks before that he sent me this picture of a boy very happy to be awake (notice how he's clutching his blanket and teddy, just like how I wanted to clutch his little baby cheeks when I saw this photo):

These pictures will be part of a larger compilation I call the Saturday Series.  As Z shares these pictures with me to help me through my Saturday workday, I'll share them with you because they're just too delicious not to.

Although we are a ways from Saturday, may dreams of the weekend (or just a job that you like!) keep you truuckin'.

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