Saturday, February 23, 2013


Remember those fabled breakfasts (BBIT - Best Breakfast In Town - they call them) I told you about?  Well, over the past couple of weekends I've had Saturday off and have been able to participate in them.  Apparently, they were much more peaceful before I was able to take part.  From the tales Z told, Connor would down a plateful of sausage and pancakes and just be a delightful addition to the breakfast table.  With me along for the ride he's had his delightful moments, but he's also been a whiney, teary, hold-me hold-me carry-me, mess.  Love the kid, but I wonder if we've hit the point where going out to eat is a true test.  Yup, I think we're there. I'm still going to keep testing those waters, though.  You're not doing it right unless someone's boundaries are being tested, right?  I'm pretty sure that's 'Rado's motto these days.

I have the winter crazies.  Cabin fever has hit us hard.  Connor can feel it and it's giving me that itch that makes me want to chop my hair off.  A temporary cure: drawing with dry erase markers.  We have two big glass panels in our dining room that have been sorely neglected since the cold set in, so they became our canvasses.

It's a little hard to see, but 'Rado's eyes are the black dots on the right and my hand is traced in red on the left

I traced my hand, then traced Connor's nugget.  Connor added his hair in after I drew on his eyes, nose and mouth.  The next time the little man wants to draw with markers, I'll suggest the windows first.  They can be reused, we don't have to waste paper, and it's one less thing I need to keep on hand. Win!

That took care of Connor's winter blahs for a few minutes, but what about mine?  How do you handle the mid-winter doldrums?  I think a visit to the chocolate shop is in order.  Maybe shop for a new book for 'Rad and I (book suggestions?). Eating, coffee, and a book can fix anything.

Side note: While writing this post I was watching the episode of Bones where she has her baby.  It almost made me want to cry.  Seriously, it's Bones.  Get me out of this house and off to coffee, chocolate, and book land, please.

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