Monday, October 15, 2012

We Are Family

This weekend was another great one full of family.  After spending the evening and sleeping over at my sister's house on Friday night, we drove back home and spent Saturday at Mom and Papa's house.

Lunch with The Crazies
A nice walk after burgers and fries

It was a lazy, dreary weekend day, but the kids got to play and we got our "adult" time later in the evening with a Marvel Comic mini-marathon of the Captain America and The Avengers movies.  Yesterday we drove down to Indiana, did a little shopping (I added a few Sandra Boynton books to 'Rado's library.  Sorry Dr. Seuss, but even you can get a little old),

Ruari playing with my phone and recording C-Rad's car babble after lunch

had some good eats (honestly, what is there not to like about Olive Garden?), then my sister and her family headed back home.  When I finally got back to our house on Sunday afternoon, Z and his family had cleared all of the brush piles out of our yard and were sawing us a stack of firewood now that our gas fireplace is now a woodburning one.  As a thank you, we went out to eat, buffet style, where the restaurant employees proceeded to lure Connor away with toy trucks, sincere smiles, and open arms.  Nice try, King's Buffet, but thanks for the toy truck anyway!

When we're all eating together, my mom has taken to doing this thing to 'Rad if he coughs or a little food gets caught in his throat: she'll hit him in the chest or back.  It's like he said a bad work and she's trying to signal to him to knock it off.  But he doesn't say any words yet, and she takes her three middle fingers and jabs them into his sternum or between his shoulder blades.  It's a bit startling and I'm usually so taken aback by it that I just silently watch her do it.  She does it because she obviously doesn't want him choking, but I just don't remember her doing that to any of the kids.  Maybe she did and I just didn't notice because it wasn't my kid.  Either way, it's like she's performing baby hemlich before he even starts choking.  Good thing he's a tough kid he already knows that his Lola is crazy.

Love that family!

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