Friday, October 12, 2012

Sunny Days

Have you ever taken any of the tests on authentic happiness?  I did a month or so ago and was surprised at the results.  Although I put up a sunny face to the outside world (or so I thought), I'm essentially a pessimistic person.  Huh.  I guess if I give myself a good look I could have figured that out for myself.  But it's always different having someone else (or the internet) tell you about yourself.  How many hours have you spend taking online quizzes in search of yourself or more insight into your character?  Oh, is that just me?  Anywho, I find it more and more important to pull myself out of the bubble that is my life to try to gain some perspective on my situation, how 'Rad is really doing, and on the world.  And I don't see myself as a pessimist, just as a possibly over-neurotic realist.  I think we're all doing just fine though, and that's no facade.

In spite of his days of arm-numbing clinginess, Connor has his beautiful, sunny fall days of independence.  When we picked him up from Jean's yesterday, he chased us up the driveway, gave me a solid look, then attempted to load himself into his bike trailer without so much as a hug or concilatory touch.  He strutted around the front yard, ate a few handfuls of dirt when we got home, and took a tour of the yard with minimal help from me.  He's still shy around the grandparents and uncles, though.  He's warming up little by little, but it will be so nice when he runs to their open arms instead of squirming around and whining in them.

Me eat dirt?  What are you talking about?
Touring the yard

We are off to visit my sister and her family this weekend, then back home for pumpkin carving (and an inevitably pumpkin gut-coated 'Rado).  Pictures to come.  I love this time of year!

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