Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Since getting my smartphone I've been keeping pretty up-to-date on my blog reads.  I got to thinking that I many of my Google Reader feeds are from very religious women.  Sure, I'm a woman, but religious I am not.  However, I find strength in the faith of others even if I haven't found that strength in a specific greater being for myself.  Cop out, right?  "I find faith in the faith of others."  What about my faith?  What do I believe in?  When it comes down to it, I don't believe in any kind of deity or god - I believe in the force of karma and I aim to do right by it.  Karma can be seen as a selfish force, one that directs our actions not by their intrinsic "goodness" or "badness," but by their outcomes and how they could come back on me.  For me, though, it's a force that makes me think about others and how my actions could possibly affect them, and yes, me.

It's funny how much karma drives how I care for 'Rad (before I get into this, I'm going to throw out the disclaimer that I would do anything for that kid, and Z and I work and worry and love with him with the main purpose of helping him before a fully functional human being, a good and sincere person, and totally rad dude).  I fret and fuss and worry about him, but isn't it true that what we put into our kids directly affects how they turn out?  Nature and nurture are both at work, but karma is at work as well.  If I put care and love into everything I do with 'Rad because I care and love him, he'll give care and love back.  That's the formula I'm functioning on and so far it feels alright.  (This message brought to you by karma, which could do with helping me find a decent job in MI.  Come on, gainful employment! *fingerscrossed*)

Today I added a couple of fancies to my blog.  Look up and you'll see a new link: gallery.  Starting in Connor's 14th month, I'm going to be adding pictures in the gallery based on his age.  See Connor, Mom did make you a baby book.  Sorta.  At least this won't get coffee stained or lost!  The only problem - where to affix that lock of hair when you get your first haircut...I also added a small widget on the right with two of the blogs I visit the most.  These things are for all of us.  Enjoy!

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