Sunday, July 29, 2012

Please Take a Nap

This weekend was the first weekend we've been home in a few weeks and Connor fought us for naps at every turn.  Yesterday and today's morning naps were only achieved by strapping him into the stroller and going for grueling 1-hour walks (I say "grueling" because it was hot, humid, I wore flip-flops, and I was starving at the end of them).  After an hour of strolling him around the neighborhood I would pass by the house, looking into the kitchen longingly for a glass of water or a sandwich.  Yes, I was that worried about stopping that I just didn't do it until he woke up on his own.

Saturday afternoon, in spite of the tight timetable during which we scheduled his nap, he refused to take it before dropping him off at the babysitters on our way to a wedding.  So inconsiderate.  Today he fell asleep in the car for 10 minutes before we got home.  That's just the worse thing ever - seeing him fall asleep in the car minutes before we pull into the driveway.  When that happens there's no way he's going to continue snoozing in his crib, so we have a kid riding the afternoon out on 10 minutes of sleep.  Not awesome.  I said that I would try to curb my urge to get advice on the internet, so I headed to the library instead to pick up the book "Sleeping Through the Night."  Nighttime isn't as big of a concern as nap time, but I'll take any knowledgeable advice that I can get.  Have any to pass along?

The thing that kills me about his sleeping issues is that he's an absolute rockstar during the day.  He's smiley, flirty, fun, social, and just a cool kid when he's awake and well rested.  But when that nap doesn't happen he's on me like white on rice and I literally can't move around in the kitchen without his face crammed between my legs.  That's right, my kid gooses me when he doesn't get enough sleep.  Honestly 'Rad, take a nap.  Please.  Because I love you and don't want to not like you because of it.

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