Thursday, August 02, 2012

First Steps!

Remember this picture from just a post or so ago?

After I took it, 'Rad started to poo-poo the whole cardboard box train thing almost immediately.  But, having faith that his interest in it would return (or just being too lazy to do anything but leave it hanging around the living room), I kept it fully assembled and on hand in case of baby boredom emergencies.  Today we gave it another try.  He dug it.  But what I loved most about it was that after I set him in the box, because he wanted to go for a cardboard box train ride, he sat so nicely, even folding his hands in his lap.  I pulled him around the house, his face brightening as he stared at the hallway light between rooms.  Back to the living room we went.  I pulled him out, gave him another slug of his dinnertime bottle, and put him back in the train car where he folded his left hand nicely in his lap and grasped on to the front of the box with his right so as not to get whiplash from the blinding speed with which we raced from room to room.  It was the most endearing thing I saw all day.

But the most exciting thing I saw all day was CONNOR WALKING.  That's right.  I said it. The dude walked.  It's Thursday, so we headed to the library after work.  'Rad made his usual rounds: puzzle boards, lego table, crawling around both of those things, and back to the puzzle board table.  But instead of getting down on all fours to move from the puzzle table to the book shelves, the little man took his first steps.  Three or four baby-confident steps left me stunned and silent.  When I told one of the librarians that he had just taken his first steps, she marveled at the fact that she was there to see them.  I wish it could have been Z.  I considered not telling him that he missed 'Rad's first steps so he could see Connor walking for himself, but I couldn't contain my excitement.  For Connor, hello world (and hello Mr. Bump).  For us, hello trouble, hello exhaustion.

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