Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Fight

'Rad has gotten into this mindset where he thinks he's all big and cool and doesn't need to take a bottle.  He'll be ok when I feed him in the morning and by dinnertime he's so parched that he takes the bottle out of desperation, but today at daycare he didn't take one bottle.  Not a single one.  Not a drop of formula went into that little yapper for over 10 hours.  I've been so obsessed with calculating his formula intake for the past couple of months...the fact that he took in only 12 oz today has me a little on edge.  Connor, let's not start the power struggles at nearly 10-months.

Thing is, the little rat is mowing through the solids in lieu of his bottles.  Today he ate not only what I brought to Amy's for lunch, he ate part of her yogurt and some toast, too.  He'll whine and cry when offered the bottle but will reach out with both hands for a crumb of solid food.  When I was making dinner I gave him a hunk of eggplant to gnaw on.  Wrong.  He shoved the whole chunk in his mouth without question and tried to go on his merry way around the kitchen cabinets.  I know we should back off the solids if they're replacing his formula intake, but what if that's all he'll take?  I hate to say it, but I might be turning to the internet for suggestions on this one...

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Kristin said...

No worries...he will feel bad from teething or something one of these days and then he'll begin refusing all solids and ONLY want the bottle...back and forth, back and forth. If he wants solids I would just let him eat...I think Lola went down to only a nap bottle and a bedtime bottle fairly early on.