Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's All Routine

Blue!  Hey, Blue!

I just realized that this will be 'Rad's first summer out of the womb.  As if summer weren't awesome enough, thinking about showing him fireflies, having popsicles, and sitting around a campfire with him just make it golden.  There will also be pesky flies and other summer pests to deal with as well, but I'm going to try to roll with the glass is half full thing here.

Last night was rough.  I had a work dinner and Z had class, so I picked-up - well, woke up - 'Rad in the evening after he had been sleeping for 30 minutes at Amy's house.  I was hoping he would fall asleep in the car so that I could transport his slumbering baby body right into the crib and quietly creep out to start my evening errands, and for about 20 minutes he let me believe that all was well.  But he cried, and I kept checking on him to make sure that he wasn't sitting or standing up and kept feeling bad because I hadn't seen him all day and kept hemming and hawing as to how I was going to deal with my crying Connor that night.

So I finally picked him up out of his crib and he clung to me harder than he ever has.  It was like I was the only thing separating him from an endless abyss.  I tried to change the way that he was placed in my arms but he just wouldn't let me.  W rocked for almost half an hour after which Z came home, and he rocked with him so that after over an hour and a half of snuggling, cuddling, and non-rocking (non-rocking = sitting in our incredibly loud and squeaky rocking chair and resisting the urge to rock) he finally went to sleep after just a few more minutes of weak crying.  Phew.

I have one off day and as much as I appreciate the change in routine, I always look forward to getting things back to normal, more for 'Rad's sake than my own.  I have no problem shaking up his daytime routine, but when it comes to bedtime I get a little edgy when the routine changes.  I never thought I'd say or think about "routine" so much as I do now with a 'Rad-a-dude.

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