Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Long Weekend Away. Ahhh

Z, 'Rad, and I had a great long weekend in Michigan for my nephews' birthday party.  I was a little worried that after being in our quiet house, the hustle and bustle of a 5- and 2-year old's birthday celebration with droves of children swirling around the room, adults chatting and the sounds of jumping, running, playing kids in every corner, might make him cranky, but sometimes those types of environments settle him down because there's just so much for him to take in.

Of course, the party began to coincide with his nap time, so Z and I tried to rig up a mobile crib with an empty wagon, the changing pad, and the couple of blankets stashed in the diaper bag (I'm starting to learn that being a parent means being creative).  He didn't nap, but it was a nice little pod for him to chill out in and just get horizontal for a few minutes.

Under the guise of wanting to let 'Rad nap, Z volunteered to take him back to my sister's house (such a good dad).  We bundled Joe Cool up in crunchy outer bear shell light (his fleece bodysuit) and sent him and Mr. Mom on their way around the corner to my sister's digs.

But upon our return to the house, I found Connor awake and rolling around on his lily pad and Dad fast asleep on the futon.  I guess the big guy needed some shut eye more than the little one that afternoon.  When can't we use a little extra snooze here and there?

I love visiting home, no matter how tiring, stressful, and nerve-wracking it can sometimes be.  I always try to stay awake during the drive to keep Z company, and we often have our best conversations on the open road.  I think 'Rad digs that dynamic because he seems to like the car just as much as we do.  During the 800+ miles we spent on the highway this weekend, he slept like a 'Rado for over 600 of them.  For the other 200 or so, we sang nursery rhymes and songs (oh, now I remember how B-I-N-G-O goes), turned on the radio, or I had my arm wedged in the backseat jingling the chime above his car seat.  Not too bad, my little road warrior.

A co-worker just took her baby to his 6-month check up this morning, and it got me thinking.  As much as baby books and friends tell you not to compare your children to others, why is it that after every well baby visit you leave with a handful of new percentages for just that purpose?  He's in this percentage for height, that percentage for weight, and another percentage for head size.  It's that just a set up to compare your kid to others, to what might be average, below average, or overachieving?  I may be obsessing about 'Rad's head circumference again, but it's because of those damned percentages.  Come on Jojo, the kid if five months old (and cute as the dickens), cut him some slack (yes, I just went 3rd person on you.  I'm done now).

I don't know why the need to compare this dude to anyone else even comes up.

I love his squinty smile; the way he winds his legs up towards his chest then slams them onto the changing pad, play mat, or mattress while grinning his gummy grin; how he will look at you from across the room and let a large smile creep over his face when he knows you're looking back.  He's one of a kind and I love him for it.  Heck, with parents like Z and I, there's no way this kid is going to turn out "normal," and I'm pretty excited about that.

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