Monday, December 19, 2011

Here We Go: 6 Days To Christmas

Last night 'Rad had what I consider his worst meltdown in almost 4 months.  His fussy time of day is around 4-6pm (when we're typically picking him up from daycare), and he kept the status quo yesterday.  I fed him around 3:45 and the little man didn't take a nap until almost 7:00, and only that after at least 10 minutes (I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote this.  He was inconsolable for at least 45 minutes) of crying, gasping, wailing, and sobbing on his part and a lot of rocking, shushing, and swaddling on Z's part.  Ten minutes doesn't seem to bad, but that's only when it came to a head after being fussy and poopy-faced most of the evening.  He was no angel on Saturday either, but Sunday was much more memorable.  Why, C-rad, why?  I just want you to be well rested so you can grow up strong, smart, and, well, well rested. 

He woke up smiling today, so hopefully we can all just move on and move forward.  And by "we" I mean me.  Connor has no memory of throwing a fit, he's just dealing with the residual tiredness.  Z knows that 'Rad is just a baby and that's sometimes what babies do - no biggie.  I, on the other hand, of course feel terrible, like his not going down for a nap has somehow planted the seed in his baby brain that mom isn't that good of a mom.  She's actually pretty clumsy and clunky and not very skilled.  Not that I'd be able to argue that point with him very well.  The one thing that I can rely on is that I love the kid and whatever I do is going to be because I care about him.  At this point, I'll take intent over method until I learn better.

Today we're going to get 'Rad's picture with Santa.  I was never a believer in the jolly fat man, but he's so much more fun to me now that 'Rad is around.  Talula is holding a fundraiser for the Dane County Humane Society and since it's nearby, affordable, and for a good cause, we thought it would be a great reason to avoid the germy, expensive Santa at the mall.  This isn't what he's wearing when he sits in the big man's lap, but if we were to take a trip to the North Pole, this is how 'Rad would roll:

Yes, you've seen this little snowsuit before, but yesterday was the first day we put it into use.  'Rado loves it!  I laid him in it, zipped him up, and stuffed him in his car seat like I was putting a stuffed animal into a tea cup and he didn't move or make a noise.  He was perfectly content being my fleece-lined starfish, and he was warm and cozy to boot.  We even gave him his first taste of snow by rubbing a little of the white stuff on his cheek.  The babe is cool with winter.  Thanks again, Auntie T! 

Since announcing to my family that we weren't going to be buying anyone Christmas gifts this year (besides the cross stitches), it has been a pretty stress-free holiday.  No worries about finding the perfect gift, no concerns about money, no wondering if a package will deliver in time.  Nada.  It's nice, and I'm still looking forward to spending time with everyone.  I'm sure once presents are being given and opened I'll feel a pang of guilt and maybe a little regret, but that's just where we're at this year and making a formal announcement has taken some of the pressure off.  Here's to a stress-free holiday (and holiday prep) for all!

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