Sunday, December 04, 2011


'Rado has amazed me this weekend.  Not only has he begun to employ his bebePOD, he's also moved on to this teddy-bear walker.  Sure, in the bebePOD he's a bit of a slumper, and when he's in his walker his feet can't quite touch the ground, but the fact that he is practically able to sit up on his own is astounding.  My boy is getting so big *tear*.

For as much as I'm taken aback by these steps into big boyhood, I think Connor is happy that we figured out that he wants his world to consist of more than a play mat and a crib.  Yesterday he didn't nap very well in the afternoon, and by early evening he was fussy and inconsolable.  We broke out the walker and BAM!  He was entranced by the toy bar and the little ball we gave him to play with, tears and crying be gone.  I'm grateful that he can't actually use the walker to walk just yet - I still enjoy being able to set him down somewhere and not worry that he's going to get into something or disappear.  Plus, our house is anything but baby proofed, so it's as much for his safety as it is for my convenience.

Yesterday I slept in for the first time since going back to work.  It was AWESOME.  Zigg took over the morning feeding duties and 5:30 am came and went without my looking it in the eye.  I woke up around 7:00, happy, well-rested and understanding why my sisters used to scoff at me when they would call at 10:00 am on the weekends and find that I had just woken up.  These weekends, by 10 o'clock Connor has been fed twice, I've already had at least two snacks, and some housework or other project has been started.  It all makes me wonder how people with more than one kid do it.

Know what else would be awesome?  If this weekend we put up our holiday decorations.  It's on the to-do list, and as far as I'm concerned it's a priority.  I can't wait to see 'Rad's face when we plug in the Christmas lights.  He is fascinated with any light, as mundane as it may be (he always stares at the ceiling light when we change him), so I imagine his brain positively exploding when those colored lights start to twinkle and the glittered ornaments.

Is it nuts that when I saw they were having a "Tea and Trains" event at the Madison Children's Museum I imagined taking 'Rad there in the baby bjorn even though he can't really partake in tea or trains?  Silly thing is, I hope 'Rad doesn't go train crazy when he's older.  I know that I'm fighting against biology on this one, but, to be selfish, while I find riding trains romantic, spending time with Thomas the train and all of his non-personified mode-of-transportation friends sounds so...underwhelming.  If that's what 'Rad's into though, that's what we'll do; we'll pack up and head out to the "Tea and Trains" event and I'll enjoy some spiked tea while his little boy brain short-circuits on train cars.  Just kidding about the spiked tea part.  Right now, anyway.

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