Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A "Typical" Morning

In the morning I pick my way through the living room to turn on the light.  This is where I give 'Rad his morning bottle and it's like walking through a landmine field in the dark.  I thought I put his bouncy seat to the side of the room against the wall the night before, but I wouldn't be surprised if it popped out into the middle of the room and insighted a nice early-morning tumble.  His play mat and toys are usually butted up against the fireplace, but who's to say that our living room doesn't become a haven for misfit toys who spitefully decide to throw themselves at my feet in my morning haze?  So far I've gotten through my back-to-work mornings unscathed, but I still look at 'Rad's toys and accoutrement with a critical eye.  My feet or shins will likely meet with them someday soon.

After feeding him his morning bottle, the day starts to roll.  I either set him on his play mat or put him in his bouncy seat and set him across from the bathroom, where Z and I start getting ready.  If he's in his bouncy seat, I stop several times while putting on my face to tickle his chin or get a smile or gurgle out of him (again, I'm an addict).  Z takes over from there, changing his diaper and getting him dressed for the day.  I'm no fashionista, but I like my kid to be dressed respectably and Z has done pretty well, I must say.  Sure, sometimes the socks don't match his outfit or sometimes his pants don't match his shirt, but he's a baby, I get it, and it ain't no thang as long as his body parts are covered and he's happy.

Now comes the fun part: packing up all of his and my stuff into the car and making sure that I'm not forgetting anything.  I haven't had a moment where I've left the baby on the top of the car or driven away with him still in his car seat in the middle of the living room, so we can check him off of the list.  What remains is:
  • His milk cooler with three bottles ready for feeding and one small extra bottle in case his inner beastie cries out for more food (I haven't forgotten this one yet.  Knock on wood!)
  • My lunch (During my first week back to work I was 2 for 4 on this one)
  • My coffee (I would leave my coffee sitting on the kitchen counter even before I was pregnant)
  • Clean, empty breastmilk bottles for pumping during work (Forgetting these would be bad.  Bad for me and bad for the boobies)
  • My cell phone (I usually remember this one, but it's not always charged :/)
  • My Avon stuff (I always want to be prepared because mama needs to pay for daycare!)
  • His baba/binky/nuk/pacifier/whatever you want to call it (Forgot this one once and Amy had to run out and buy some for him.  Meltdown!)
Once ALL of that is packed up in the car, we throw (that's right, we literally toss him) into the car and back down the driveway toward Amy's.  It's a jetset life we lead, as I'm sure many of you other moms know ;-)  What's your "typical" morning like?

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