Monday, November 21, 2011


A quintessential baby picture: Open-mouthed 'Rad with a glob of drool ready to hit the floor

Can you really be expected to work at full capacity during the week of Thanksgiving?  Especially when you have a desk job?  Especially when you have a 'Rad to think about?  Especially when a tableful of turkey, cranberry jelly (from the can is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned), stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie are waiting to be brought to life and promptly devoured?  Of course you can!  I don't know about you, but I do my best work during short weeks when dreams of company and celebration are dancing in my head.  Is she joking?  Hmm...

I've professed to you my love of Wipeout, but have I sung the praises of The Sing Off?  Thanks to the miracle of Charter On Demand and the fortuitous fact that it runs when 'Rad is napping, I've been able to keep relatively current on what bands are still in the competition and those that got das boot.  I love singing competitions, but American Idol was never my speed.  These guys, however, have my vote.  TV time now isn't what it used to be, when Z and I would chill on the couch after work watching whatever came on, eating, and then heading to bed.  Oh, no.  Nowadays, the tv is background noise while we do the dishes, pack our lunches, play with C-rad, or tidy up.  It's still part of our routine, though.  I know some people have strong feelings about having the tv on with a kid in the house, but we don't park him in front of it, we try to make sure he can't even look at the screen, and I don't mind it.  And I'm the mom.  So there.

I don't think I told you how difficult 'Rad was yesterday afternoon.  We threw him off of his schedule and misread his cues and paid dearly for it until it was bedtime.  So when we dropped him off at daycare this morning I was a little on edge, hoping that he would be good for Amy and that he would jump right back on schedule.  I only texted her once during the day to find out how he was doing, but believe you me, I had to sit on my hands to keep from texting her again before it was quitting time.  I never expect for him to be troublesome or for anything to go wrong while I'm at work, but I am always relieved when we pick him up and hear that he was fine.  Phew.

Of course I don't have a picture of him being difficult, but as the Rookie Moms suggest, maybe I should just so I remember the bad times along with the good.

I think it's the way of the mother to read a lot into the little things about her kid.  Maybe my kid made a pretty killer lego building (he hasn't yet; he's not even to Duplo stage yet) = maybe my son will be an engineer.  Maybe my kid is in the 95th percentile for height (he's closer to the 65th) = maybe my son will be an NBA star.  Along those line, I'm telling you, 'Rad's eyes can be seriously intense.  It's as if he really knows what he's looking at and he's taking it in.  Judging isn't the right word, but it's like he's sizing things up.  I have a feeling I'm doing that motherly read-too-much-into-it thing, but I'm a mom so I'm going to say that that's ok.  

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