Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stormy Weather

It rained today, and although I appreciated the dark clouds, my mood has turned a bit stormy.  Before I get into what's eating me, here's a little Connor update:

  • He's been uber fussy over the past two days and has been refusing to nap in the afternoon.  Could it have to do with the fact that I'm now giving him two bottles during the day instead of one?  That's the only thing that's changed in our routine.  I never know if there's a reason for his moods or if we chalk that one up to him just being a baby
  • He's started to bat at toys hanging over his head and smiling at them.  Exciting stuff, but I'm still waiting for him to smile at me
  • Riding in the car or stroller no longer lulls him to sleep.  This is a good thing and a bad thing
  • He's gotten into the habit of showing us his poopy face only to retract it seconds later.  Watching this flow of facial expressions is like being dangled over a ledge and pulled back onto solid ground after seeing the cars pass by below.  Scary
  • He's still as freakin' cute as ever

So, stormy weather.  I think our search for a daycare provider has come to a happy close, but that now seems to be the least of our issues.  What will happen to our family and Zach and my individual sanities when he takes on two classes next term (he only has one this term)?  It is hard enough right now for him to have time to do his homework and give me my hour of "me" time when he comes home, and it's hard enough for me to try and take care of Conrad and the house all day long without feeling like I should go easy on him because he has such a full plate.  We want to be fair to each other, but we also don't want to completely put ourselves out so that we have nothing solid and sincere to give to our family.  This gets easier, right?

And money.  'Nuff said.

Finally, as much as I want to be closer to my family the road back to them seems to be getting longer.  Today, we tried to take a step down that path and succeeded only in slowing our pace.  Did I shed some tears over it?  Secretly, yes.  Will they be my last until we're finally relocated?  Hells no.  My mantra until it happens: Come on, Plan A.

Completely off topic,  I'm totally getting into The Big Bang Theory.  Hi-larious.  Where have I been since this show's be on?  Oh Sheldon and Leonard, you are a delight.


Emilie & Eric said...

I saw this on a friend's Facebook page once..."If Plan A fails, remember you have 25 letters left."

Jojo said...

I love that. I'll have to keep that one in my hat.

Diana said...

*knock knock knock* "Penny?"
*knock knock knock* "Penny?"
*knock knock knock* "Penny?"

Jojo said...

I love him, but Howard is my favorite. I mean, those outfits are bi-zarre.