Sunday, October 09, 2011

New Kid on the Block

Our neighbors across the street just had a baby last Wednesday.  It's funny how quickly you can feel like an old pro while still shedding newbie tears and experiencing rookie anxiety.  Their little guy was just a couple of ounces bigger than Connor when he was born and already our guy looks like the big kid.  C-Rad is six weeks old today and since we brought him home we've all made huge strides in adjusting to each other, our new routines, and ourselves.  Although, there is much work left to be done on all fronts.  But each week gets better, less anxiety-ridden, and more fun.

Speaking of fun, I'm having so much of it making curtains!  My enthusiasm is lame to me; at this point all I've done is iron, put down no-sew tape, and iron again (in that order).  Maybe it's the prospect of the finished product that has me so enthralled or the fact that I'm saving so much money by making them instead of buying them.  I haven't finished any of the panels yet, but they're all 75% complete and having them displayed is going to be 100% exciting.  I've been so jazzed about making curtains that yesterday we hit up Jo-Ann Fabrics again (have I mentioned how much I love that place?  Plus, they always have 50% off coupons.  Hello!) so I could get fabric to make kitchen curtains.  The woven winner?  Bam:

Yesterday we were overachievers: I finally got a nursing bra that can carry my goods and we attended a babywearing class (thanks again, Happy Bambino!), I fed Connor from a bottle in public for the first time, and we managed to keep our grocery bill under $100 (gasp!).  I say all that proudly because it means that our Sunday can be a true Sunday, peppered with a little sleeping in,

football, a nice long walk, and a special weekend task.  For me, it's trying out this recipe for Mom's Apple Squares that are increasing their deliciousness in the oven right now.  For Z, it's doing stuff in the garage.  What a guy.  I mean that in a good way!

Connor has really taken a liking to the mobile that until a few days ago acted as nothing more than crib swag.  I'm not sure why putting him in his crib awake and letting the dangling animals mesmerize him is such a novel idea to me.  I've just been so focused on being in his face - reading to him, talking to him, jingling various stuffed toys in his direction - or being completely out of it - letting him sit in his bouncy seat and stare out the window or hang out on the couch and watch the shadows move along the wall - that having him awake and entertained by toys seemed like a completely new concept.  It's one that I'm grateful for now.

While we're on the subject of the 'Rad-a-dude, he downed 5 oz of milk at his last feeding last night (and slept for six hours.  What what!) and did it again around lunchtime today!  To give you a point of reference, he typically only takes 2.5 oz at each bottle feeding.  I was hesitant to keep feeding him, but his frantic crying and flailing pretty much made the decision for me.  The next most impressive thing is that he kept it all down with the exception of a few burp-ups here and there.  The kid is a beast.

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