Friday, October 07, 2011


I love my new blog background because it reminds me of candy corn, and candy corn reminds me of Halloween, one of my most favorite of holidays. The 70-80 degree weather makes it feel like it's anything but time for fall celebrations, but the leaves are changing color and I am gearing up for glasses of red wine, cozy sweaters, pumpkin carving, and Halloween.

When the seasons change, I feel like I'm more aware of the other changes that are going on around me. At least, on our daily walks I've been noticing changes that are happening in our neighborhood. Our walks were always pretty quiet save the sound made by the passing cars and lingering birds. But lately, if we're lucky, we catch the woman at the bottom of the hill in the middle of her flute practice. What could be more serene than practicing your instrument of choice in the middle of the day in a gazebo overlooking a peaceful lake while fall leaves flutter down around you? I feel like that could be some sort of deep metaphor - feel free to apply whatever meaning to it that you see fit.

Tonight we're going to meet with a potential daycare provider and my fingers are crossed that she'll be THE one.  This topic needs no more discussion, but I feel the need to expound on it.  Finding the right person has been a huge stressor since our previous daycare arrangement fell through.  Finding the right person in combination with the right price has been so far impossible.  I don't know how parents do it, but I take comfort in the fact that they do.  If everyone else can do it, what makes me any different?

Have a great weekend!

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