Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank You, Mr. Postman (it's really a Ms. Postwoman, but that doesn't have the same ring to it)

Today was a very exciting mail day.  Not only did we receive the first disc of Dexter Season 5, but I also got my Rookie Moms book!  It's a cute little handbook that I will likely throw in my handbag as a source of strength and a few giggles to get me through the tough days.  One great suggestion for the first month is to create a "Did Do" list as opposed as a "To Do" one.  I love this idea because it really gives me a point of reference when Z asks me what I did with my day.  This is my "Did Do" list so far today (not in chronological order):
  • Went to the mall with Connor
  • Took the boys ('Rad and Blue) for a walk, only to turn around literally two minutes later because of rain
  • Emptied and reloaded the dishwasher
  • Reorganized some kitchen cabinets
  • Pumped twice
  • Reserved our spots in next month's baptism preparation class
  • Washed my face and put on makeup
  • Changed three diapers between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.
It might not seem like much, but I feel pretty accomplished for today when it's put in pixels.  Without a daily schedule, I find that I've become a serious couch potato, surrounded by screens (tv and computer), baby stuff, and books.  Yes, I know I'm taking care of a new human being and should cut myself some slack, but I need to feel that I've done more than nursed, initiated tummy time, and danced around with a 9 lb baby in my arms; I need to feel that I've done things that I would have done in my pre-baby life to gain that sense of normalcy.  It is a process.

What's on your "Did Do" list for today?

I decided yesterday that I would expose 'Rad to a different type of music each day.  Thanks to the music channels on TV, yesterday was Light Classical day.  Today I thought we would give the Swing music channel a chance.  This was his reaction to it:

Note to self: 'Rad is not a fan of the Glenn Miller Orchestra or Count Basie.  

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KristinG said...

haha that picture is AWESOME!! My Did Do list for the day included grocery shopping with Lola (always an adventure with a little one with separation anxiety preferring arms to grocery cart..), switching us to Dish network, reading for school, prepping L's breakfast and lunch for the sitter tomorrow, etc, etc. BB (before baby) a productive day was going to work and coming home...the days seem to pass so much more quickly now! Been meaning to drop you a line...will get to that soon. Glad you guys are getting out and about! Love and hugs!!!