Friday, September 30, 2011

It May be Cliche, but TGIF

Along with everyone in the professional world, I've been reciting "TGIF" in my head all day.  TGIF because that means Z will be home with us for two days, because there will be some good football watching in the next few days, and because we will be hitting up this quintessential fall stop on Sunday.  I've not been to Edwards Orchard, but you can't tell me that apple picking, cider and donuts doesn't just scream autumn.  I love it - getting the heck outta dodge for the morning, seeing family, and having some fresh cider is just what the doctor ordered.

I've been thinking a lot about "dodge" and how it seems like it's a world away from my family in Michigan.  I've been having a hard transition into motherhood; everything in the hospital after we had Connor was so wonderful and we were so well taken care of.  Then, we were suddenly released into the wild like domesticated cats and told that we need to fend for ourselves without any training and with our support system states away.  I read this article today and could only imagine how wonderful and different my postpartum time would have been/could be if any of these conventions were in place.  New momhood is especially difficult around here seeing as everyone, and I mean everyone, has family nearby.  I think Wisconsin's motto should be "Wisconsin: If you were born here you'll never leave."  Am I jealous of these people?  You bet your ass I am.

Z is on his way home, so I'm going to cut this post short.  Have a great weekend!

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KristinG said...

Crazy - I read that article recently and was thinking of sending it to you. Glad you came across it on your own. :)