Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm not sure why baby clothing is sized 0-3 months because I'm pretty sure that babies at zero months of age are not at all similar in size of those at three months of age.  Then again, the cheapskate in me is thankful that one piece of clothing is meant to last for three months of life.  I am trying to enjoy all the time I spend with my newborn little dude, but I can't wait for him to start wearing his 3-6 month clothes; the kid is set up with a decent wardrobe when he moves up to the next size.  In the meantime, I'll continue to wash the same small load of laundry because, well, did I mention that I'm a cheapskate?

It's ironic that while Z was on paternity leave, I didn't pay much attention to my post-partum weight.  Sure I felt, as Tony Horton says, "A little loose around the cage," but I just had a baby.  Now that Z has returned to work, however, and I spend the day having one-sided conversations with a dog and a newborn, I've began to feel my weight a little more.  I've began to feel the lack of support that my nursing bras provide under my wardrobe, how jiggly my middle now is, and how unkempt and uncared for my hair is.  Today I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans.  It wasn't a tear-inducing event, but my chicken drummies are filling in my pant legs a little bit more than they used to.  And to continue with the edible metaphors, I am muffin-topping a little bit, too.

The two faces of Conrad:


and awake

I was always active before Connor came along and I think it's time for me to get back at it.  This morning we took an extra long walk and this afternoon I attempted to do a little yoga but only got 15 minutes into it before the beastie awoke.  I'm not ready for a jog or anything too vigorous, but I'd like to not feel so lazy, considering how much time I spend on the couch.  Maybe I'll sign up for a fun run/walk to give me extra motivation.  Maybe I can even get Z to sign up with me since his exercise routine has also been thrown to the wayside with 'Rad's arrival.  Really, what routine hasn't?

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Diana said...

If you're muffin-topping, then I'm 3-layer caking.