Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekends - The Shortest Days of the Week

I know it's cliche to say that weekends go by so fast, but they do! No matter how much you pack into them and how accomplished you may feel when you fall on the couch on Sunday night, there's always a feeling that not only do you want another day off, but that you could have benefitted from it. And by saying "you" I also mean "me."

Weekends don't only mean time off to work on the nursery and the myriad other things that have been pushed aside during the week, but it also means that we're another week closer to having Jooner in our arms and home and not just cradled in my torpedo-like belly. But he didn't arrive this week, so I am happy to say that I at least have a feeling of accomplishment to rest on as our Sunday dwindles away.

The nursery was officially completed this weekend! Although we don't have everything moved in, and sure, there are some little details to attend to, the room is in a state where we can move things in and feel a sense of permanency about it. Zach caulked the trim and set up the crib, so we thought it fitting to put our first bit of wall decor up - a great hanging name tag made for my last baby shower.

This week we'll be moving the dresser/changing table into the nursery once the paint has completely dried. We went out today and got a changing pad, another box of newborn diapers, and an extra pack of baby wipes, so we are armed and ready for the slew of wet and poopy diapers to come our way.

The dresser was given to us by friends, and we decided to paint it a bold color to match with Jooner's wall decor and to give the room a more boyish feel. It's been sitting in our garage since last winter and has been used mainly as a workbench until recently. Here are the finished drawers and Z taping off the dresser to prepare it for two coats of primer and two coats of paint:

As of this morning it's fully painted, but I want it to be dried and assembled before I unveil it to you. I love putting you in suspense. Muahaha.

Right now Zach is working on installing the base of the car seat in the car. It's been a weekend-long process since I cleaned the car yesterday, but he had to take out the backseat today to get rid of the real grime in there. We're talking previous-owner-of-the-car grime. Actually, we're talking piles-of-hair-from-the-dog-of-the-previous-owner grime. It seemed a relatively painless and not too abhorrent process though, so now the base is about ready to go in.

This is some seriously life-changing, mind-blowing stuff. So much so that I'm having a hard time processing what it really means in terms of how different our lives will be in a couple of weeks (or maybe, hopefully, less!). I mean, I just did my first load of baby laundry and although the process is the same as for any other load of laundry, I'm washing tiny onesies and sleep sacs and swaddlers and receiving blankets. This is not stuff any current residents in this house are going to use; they're for a completely new and different human being. I think my vocabulary has been shrunk by pregnancy because all I can think to say is "Crazy!" every time I think of Jooner out of my belly and living with us. If that's all I can say now, who knows how mute I'll be when he's actually here. Any day now...

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KristinG said...

After the baby arrives the real laundry fun life before baby I did laundry once a week, twice maybe on occasion...with a newborn there was suddenly laundry every single day! least every other day, sometimes every day...

Nursery is looking good!! So excited for you... :)