Saturday, August 06, 2011

My Big Saturday

I've been so stressed at work this week. Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and misunderstood has taken the focus off of Jooner and my life and put it on just those eight hours when I'm parked in an office chair, being pounded by the anxiety brought on by a ringing phone and a steady influx of e-mails. What does it mean to be an "office person"? I hear so many people say they aren't one, but who really is? It seems such an unnatural state of being.

But whatever happened this week doesn't matter now. I'm not there and it's the weekend and Z and I kicked some serious boo-tay today. Key Scrubs-like self-narration:

Our day began before 8 o'clock, when Z headed out the door for a game of frisbee golf and my grumbling stomach pulled me out of bed for a bowl of Cheerios. With nothing on tv, I ate my cereal with the dog staring at me, a standing fan blowing a stream of warm air in my face, and the radio playing today's most disappointing hits.

I actually had enough gumption to get some housework done, so even though the load I threw in the washer this morning has been sitting in the dryer since this afternoon, I at least had enough motivation to put those sheets and towels in the washer after breakfast and tidy the kitchen up a bit.

After Z got home, we really got things rolling. We:
  • Went to the bank
  • Set our carpet installation appointment
  • Got some snacks (thank you to the chocolate-glazed cream-filled donut I got from BP for giving me the energy to power through till lunch)
  • Opened an account at a different bank
  • Got gas
  • Went to the west side and hit up Toys r' Us. I am now the excited (I'm not being sarcastic, I'm actually excited about this thing) owner of a breast pump and various accessories
  • Went to the mall to get a book where I was faced with the unhappy realization that there was nowhere in the mall to buy a book
  • Went to Jimmy John's for lunch
  • Went to Barnes & Nobles. Success!
  • Went to Super Wal-Mart
  • Hit up the grocery store
  • Came home and crashed
It's funny how getting a lot done can give you the motivation and energy to do more. Sure, I took a nap after the groceries got put away, but tomorrow promises to bring more ass-kicking. AND, we're going to tour the birthing suites where Jooner will be born tomorrow. Exciting stuff, people!


Emilie & Eric said...

It sounds like you are saying Jooner will be born tomorrow. I read that twice and was like, oh I get it. Glad you're still in motivation mode (even if it's sporadic) because it's coming up soon!!!

Jojo said...

I didn't even realize it read like that. Oops!