Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Countdown to the Countdown

I had my last ultrasound yesterday and our little guy is running steady at the 63rd percentile. I have to say, I'm thankful at this point that he's about average because I was worried about having to push out a huge noggin. I'm just sayin'. With that said, as of yesterday he was 6 pounds 0 ounces and head down, presumably getting ready for blast off. This week's baby update said that he'll be gaining about one ounce a day, so at that rate we'll have a nearly 8-pound baby on our hands if he goes the full 40 weeks.

In the ultrasound I got to see some of his baby fat rolls, I caught him practicing breathing, and the ultrasonographer pointed out that he was making fish lips and practicing suckling. It would be so like a part-Orca baby to be practicing eating before it's even born.

As of next Tuesday, I'll be full term (I just read that full term is anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks and here I am touting that knowledge like a pro). Am I ready? I guess as much as I can be. Is Z ready? As much as he can be. Is the dog ready? I'm guess not, because his world is going to be rocked. Is the house ready? Steadily getting there. It's funny when people ask me if I'm ready because I'm pretty sure they all know the answer, that being that you can't be ready, really. Right? How can you be ready for a new life to suddenly come into yours and basically take it over for a while? We're not installing a new bookcase, we're having a baby. Nuts!

Although now is when Jooner is supposed to be packing on the poundage, I still haven't found myself the victim of any bizarre cravings. I'd have to say that I haven't had any cravings at all, really. Ok, except for the craving that I've been having for KFC for the past few days. But that craving ebbs and flows even when I'm not preggo. And I have to say, I didn't realize it until now just exactly how preggo I look:

Blam! Did you see that coming? I've definitely got the pregnant lady walk going - leading with the hips with the belly hovering in front like some lateral shark's fin. Jooner's there, lurking, just waiting for him moment to break the surface!

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KristinG said...

There is nothing that can prepare you...one day it is just you and Z, then all of a sudden there is this other person - with needs, demands, etc. As far as life changing events go - nothing beats welcoming a baby into your life.