Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting Ready for Jooner

Since we are officially in Wisconsin until Jooner is born, the nursery blitz has begun. Yesterday, under the protection of the air-conditioned house, Z finished up the trim in the baby's room and it looks awesome!

All that is left is for him to trim out the door frame. Once that step is taken, the nursery will really begin to take shape; we'll have the carpet put in, paint the closet door, paint the dresser, start hanging pictures and decor on the wall, put the crib in, and organize the closet. Basically, once the trim is done and the carpet is installed, we can actually start moving Jooner's stuff into his room. I know he's not as excited about all of this as we are, but I'll appreciate having it done before he arrives.

We went carpet hunting a few weekends ago and came home with three swatches to choose among:

It may appear that we're going for a monochromatic pallet, but just wait until you see the splashes of color we have planned for other parts of the room. It has me very excited!

Yesterday I tried to start packing my bag for the hospital, but didnt' get very far. There were a few things on the checklist that I just don't have or don't have cleaned, so hopefully Joon-boy doesn't expect to make his arrival this early. I've never had a baby, but I question the need for some of the things I've been told to pack. Do I really need a vibrating pillow or massager? I think I'll bypass the hand mirror to view the pushing. Z will appreciate me not pre-packing him a nutritious snack that can sit, getting stale, for possibly 5 weeks. Plus, I'm pretty sure the hospital has a cafeteria and vending machines.

When it comes down to it, it feels like I can only be so prepared for leaving for the hospital like I can only be so prepared to bring home a little baby boy. I'm not going to not pack a bag for the hospital, but I'm going to do it my way. That's just how pregnancy has been - they try to prepare you for all of these "typical" situations and occurrences which often happen. But, they don't all always happen and that has to be accepted, too. And me not packing a vibrating pillow or massager is going to happen.

Regardless of whether my bag is prepared or not, I'm ready to meet my little boy! I don't want to rush him out of the womb and wish away this time we have before he's here, but I just can't wait for some of my curiosities to be satisfied. Some will be quenched immediately, others will take time. I'm excited for all of it. Eeee!

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