Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're at Week 30 *gasp!*

I was at the doctor's office today, catching up on my pop culture reading thanks to some Entertainment Weeklys and Peoples, when I noticed a new occurrence today: I can see Jooner kicking. At first I thought the light "poof" motion of my dress was due to my moving around. But, as I sat quietly staring at my tummy, motionless, I noticed it happen again. "Poof." I smiled excitedly and all I can think of now is, "I can't wait for Zach to get home so he can see it, too." As if I've learned a magic trick and want to show it off. Jooner was active again today, so hopefully he'll be up for a little show-and-tell for his dad.

After over 2 weeks of being without one, I now have a fully-functional cell phone. I thought I'd be really excited about it, but I really felt inconvenienced without one more than anything. I don't need my phone to have a fancy data plan with internet access, but nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find anything to the contrary. That's why my options were:

1) Get a new fancy cell phone with a data plan - not happening
2) Get a used cell phone from the late 90s - no thanks
3) Get a used cell phone from the early 2000s - I'll pass
4) Get a phone that looks kinda fancy but isn't - that'll do

I'm not a huge phone talker, but I feel like I should become one instead of relying so heavily on e-mail and FaceBook to talk for me. If I'm a mom, I need to be able to speak up and talk to people, a characteristic that wouldn't typically be associated with me. From this moment on I pledge to pick up the phone more. It could be an easy way for me to start working towards the type of person and mother I want to be. It sounds so overdramatic, but I find it really important.

I can't believe we're at week 30 already! Here comes the ball, rolling full steam ahead: the nursery still needs to be finished (base and case and trim still needs to be finished, not to mention outfitting the place), our prenatal classes start next month, we won't be allowed to travel more than 60 miles away from home in the last month of pregnancy, and there are a plethora of home projects that we were hoping to have completed before our new roommate arrives. Am I freaking out? No. Do I envision myself freaking out in the near future? Mos def.

More pictures from the baby shower thanks to the wonderful Christine:

The family (say in a "Godfather" type of stuffed-cheek voice for full effect)

Thomas and Nina

Ric, Tato, Rico Boo, and Ivy

Esteban (ok, we just call him Steve), Ruari, Ann, Dec, and Teagie


Emilie & Eric said...

I chose Option #4 on the cell phone front too! And I seriously love all of the photos from the shower. It was so much fun! So glad I could be a part of it.

Jojo said...

I'm so glad you were there! I'm looking forward to getting together again, next time with Jooner in tow :-)