Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Redesigning Woman

Have you ever reached a point when you realize you've lost sight of things? It's really impossible not to reach that point ever, but have you reached it recently? I have. And maybe it's not accurate to say I've lost sight of things, but have you ever lost sight of yourself? I feel like I've been so caught up in things that I've not been me in the day-to-day of things.

Maybe I'm having issues adjusting from a great weekend at home - surrounded by those I can most be myself around - to my life in Wisconsin, away from all of those great people (whenever I return to the cheese state from the mitten, there's always a little bit of homesickness that follows). But, whatever the reason, when I feel unlike myself I notice that I get quieter, I voice my opinion less, and I just fade into the background. It's not a big deal to me while it's happening, but when I realize that it has happened it annoys the beejeezus out of me. I've worked so hard to not be that person, and there I go reverting again.

So I've redesigned my blog to remind myself to redesign myself - or return to myself - as needed. Jooner, I hope I have myself figured out enough to be able to help you figure yourself out.

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