Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Baby Baby Freak-Out

I have finally begun to freak out about having a baby (I say "finally" because isn't it an inevitability with your first kid?). Not full-blown freak out, but I've felt the cold edge of uncertainty and the rush to prepare that often follows. I understand that there's really no way for me to be prepared to care for a completely new human being, especially one who I don't know, but there are always those things you can do to feel like you're prepared. For me, it's been reading articles about how to take care of a newborn, what to do in the first week at home with baby, and asking people that huge, endless question of "How do you take care of a baby?"

Z and I start our baby classes on Monday. I've heard that they will answer a lot of questions, which is good because a lot of questions I have. Actually, I think the scarier thing is all of the questions I don't have but will once Jooner is home. But evolution has it all figured out, and I'm going to take advantage of the fact that for the first several weeks after we get him home, our little guy is going to be sleeping a lot. Hopefully I can use that time to not only catch up on my sleep, but be soothed by calls to my family, advice from my friends, and moments to refocus myself.

What will this combination yield?

(that's me on the far left on my 1st birthday)

(Z copping a feel on a happily unsuspecting commuter)

That is the big question: Jooner what are you going to look like and be like? He's going to be a Virgo, which I'm cool with. He'll be a sun sign, whatever that means. But regardless of those categorizations, he's going to be my little boy. He's going to be awesome!

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