Monday, June 27, 2011

Best. Baby Shower. Ever

That's what I have to say about last weekend's festivities. My parents' house was transformed into a summer bbq heaven and everything was so perfect - the weather, the company, the atmosphere - that my mind grasped at every detail and scene, hungrily filing them away like a studious squirrel preparing for winter. I can't believe how wonderful the weekend was. It was so great it was painful. I won't lie, I cried as we pulled out of the driveway, and that outpouring of emotion can't be blamed on pregnancy hormones. Not entirely, anyway. I'm pretty sure I would have reacted the same way, bun in the oven or not.

Speaking of a bun in the oven, my sister made Z and I these fun aprons for the event. We forgot to put them on until later into the day, but Christine took some great pictures of them and of the entire day.

I highly recommend my sisters and Orcastrated Events for any of your event planning needs! These ladies know their stuff and they make every gathering special, with style. Any style I have, is

due in part to them.

I'm so excited to have Jooner not only so Z and I can start our family and have a little, as a friend likes to say, Jo-Zach running around, but also so that he can become part of and know the two families whose blood runs through his veins. I know he'll be a great addition to both families, and I just know that he's going to be some sort of awesome because he's going to be our Jooner.

If you want to check out more pictures of the shower, you can check them out on FaceBook.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it! It was truly a magical event!

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