Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello, Last Trimester!

Ok, so my motivation still hasn't returned and my blog has obviously been directly affected by it. At this point of the week I'm a little work stressed and constantly dreaming about what was (a Caribbean vacation)

and hopefully what will be (more Caribbean vacations with Jooner in tow). All my sea dreaming, however, is done sitting on the couch at home, not doing the dishes, not cleaning, not doing anything productive besides living in a world away from south-central Wisconsin. And let me tell you, 60-something degree Wisconsin in late June is not a place I'm thrilled to be in right now. So, my whole travelog idea is being pushed to the wayside until my motivation for it returns.

During vacation Jooner was a kicky little bugger (especially in the morning), and he has continued that pattern since we returned home. I my early morning half-sleep, half-waking stupor, I can rest my hand on the side of my stomach and feel hit little kicks on the inside and out. Supposedly now is the time that he is the most active before he gets too big to move around as much, and he is taking advantage of this time. I still get a kick out of it and I know that Z loves being able to put his hand on my belly and really feel his little boy moving.

I am 1 week into my last trimester and my hunger patterns have changed. I'm hungry more often (I didn't even think that was possible) but I can't eat as much as before. So I'm forced to eat small meals frequently. Annoyingly frequently. Today I reached the point where I was so tired of getting up from my desk to get a snack that I just went hungry. Being lazy doesn't mix well with the constant need to get up, even if it is to eat. But I vow to not get to that hungry-because-I'm-lazy point again.

It's funny, but it seems like once the third trimester hit, my pregnancy suddenly changed. Not only by the ways noted above, but suddenly my clothes really don't fit (ironically, it's my tatas that are outgrowing my clothes, not my belly), I feel like I'm starting to waddle, and my shoe laces and painted toenails seem to be moving galaxies out of my reach.

Thank goodness I have a hubby willing to paint and tie when I need it most!

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