Monday, May 02, 2011

True Colors

I was foolishly proud of how well pregnancy had been treating me until last yesterday. Then bam! Hello, heartburn. It wasn't debilitating, but my love of all things hot and spicy is definitely catching up with me. I'm not sure if I'll be able to give up jalapenos and crushed red pepper on my pizzas. I might just have to suffer through a few nights of heartburn for some exquisitely spicy foods once in a while.

And sleeping on my left side is getting a little old. The hip pain creeps in during the middle of the night and I have to latch myself onto Z (thank you, living body pillow) to keep from rolling on my back or my right side (they say that laying on your left side is best when pregnant). I'm usually a belly sleeper, but the belly hasn't seen anything but the wall to my left or, if my resolve slips during the night, the ceiling. It's not something that you think of when you think of being pregnant, but getting used to sleeping in one position is an exercise in endurance.

In spite of these minor inconveniences though, all is well. It's all worth it for my little guy. A sneak peak at some of his little body parts:

An encore of his profile - my favorite picture so far

His little chin, lips, and nose

Tiny feet!

I'll sparing you the other creepy, waxing, melting Velveeta cheese 4-D photos. They're amazing but, well, creepy.

In non-pregnancy related news, you make me jealous. Yeah you, out there running a race, training for a race, or just feeling the wind on your face as you glide down the sidewalk on one of our increasingly-sunny days. Jooner is hands-down worth the 9+ month running hiatus, but I'm already wondering if I can be in fighting shape for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon next year. Crossing the finish line with Z, Blue Boy, and Jooner on the sidelines? Sounds like a photo finish to me!

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Christine said...

We will do it! Uncle Luke says he's in too!