Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Week in Pictures

With Z on spring break this week we have been living it up: Watch a movie (at home) during the week? Oh yeah, we did that. Start a home improvement project on a Wednesday? We are just crazy enough to do it. Here is the progress in Jooner's room after day 1:

Besides the ceiling pant smelling like concentrated perm in a can, we are moving right along. Tonight, another coat of paint is needed, Z is going to do the cut-in near the ceiling, and we might dip into painting the trim. I'm optimistic that there really won't be much to get this room into full nursery mode, at least not with my live-in handyman on retainer!

Last Sunday we did a little yard work. The most exciting outcome of that was a big new hole in our yard. Really!

It's birth was painless, and it has quickly become part of the family.

Visions of s'mores are dancing in my head. Visions of camping out in the yard and eating messing barbeque are also rattling around in there. Summer is dream time, and I'm dreaming in food and dirt.

Since I'm on the theme of what happened on certain days of the week, this happened on Tuesday:

By the time Jooner is born, he'll have his photo pose perfected. My belly is like a sturdy balloon that's getting slowly inflated - firm but still squeezable.

This amazing rainbow and it's faint twin, however, are untouchable:

At least something is coming from these endless days of clouds and showers. But May, you have no excuses. Let's see some flowers - enough with the showers!

So, we have Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday covered. I've provided a narrative of them for you out of order, just as my mind seems to be sometimes. But alas, Monday, you were not picture-worthy or notable in any sense. How very...Monday of you.

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