Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Transformation Has Begun

This weekend we said we were going to start working on the nursery, and we actually did! Yes, I'm surprised at our own fulfilled promise. The nursery, which was one our office, is now a jobsite, complete with tools and scraps after a few hours of work yesterday. This means that our spare bedroom, which was once inhabitable, has become a dumping ground.

In the nursery, Z is going to redo the trim and the base, paint the ceiling, and repaint the doors. I'm going to paint the trim and the walls and take care of the extra decorating details.

Notice the patch of paint on the wall. That patch will soon spread to the rest of the walls.

It's all not very exciting right now, but by Memorial Day weekend the room should be completely redone. Can it be done? By us? The clock is ticking!

Doing the nursery will be a good start for us to make the changes we'd like to see in the rest of the house - to give it some character and life to the white walls and blank slates in every other room. The urge to home improve hasn't hit me as hard as it's hit Z, but I think I'm starting to move into a nesting phase. After the nursery, I'd love for our bedroom to be the next makeover contestant. She's a little frumpy right now, but I know that hiding beneath her 2-toned green walls and shaggy tan carpet is a beautiful space just wanting to shine.

Now that I know what the kicking feels like, I've felt Jooner kicking more and more, mostly in the mid-morning, then again in the early evening. Have I mentioned that I love it? Because I love it! It feels like popcorn popping,
and it gives you an idea of how your baby is oriented in your belly. For the past week, Jooner has been laying with his head on my left side and his feet paddling and kicking on my right. Funny visual, huh?

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