Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

With Jooner at 5 months and summer quickly approaching, everything feels like it's turned into a countdown:
  • A couple of weeks until my 30th birthday
  • Less than a month before our sailing vacation
  • After next weekend, no free weekends until late July
  • 4 months until my due date
Living in that state of mind affects everything, especially the way I live my weekends. I'm trying to enjoy what remains of Sunday without regret (even though yesterday was packed with fall-asleep-on-the-couch-and be-lazy weather), but I keep getting the feeling that time is melting helplessly off gigantic, Dali-esque clocks where ever I go. It might be the way I really feel, it might have to do with so many people encouraging me to enjoy my "lasts" before baby comes. Either way, it's a little nerve-wracking.

Although yesterday felt like it was wasted, we lived it up on Friday night when we saw Cake perform at the Orpheum. I've wanted to see Cake live for years; I might even venture to say that seeing them live has been on my to-do list for a decade. It was worth the wait. They played two sets, so we were swathed in Cake tunes for over two hours - two tight, head-swaying, entertaining, joy-filled hours. Crowd participation was encouraged in at least 4 of their songs, and they played a good mix of new and old tunes, none of which disappointed. One of the most unique moments of the night had to do with a single apple tree that finally got its 15 minutes.

As the show started, I could have sworn that Jooner was kicking to the beat for at least a measure. He quieted down after that, then started dancing a little jig as the second set got under way. I'm trying to get him to like the music I like now so that when he's older we can avoid the whole "The music you kids listen to is just a bunch of noise!" phase. It can't hurt.

Their show was one of those shows where you leave feeling good and inspired. Your mind runs through their songs over and over as the crowd spills into to the empty street (it's graduation weekend here, so most late-night ravers were probably with their parents) and you wonder what you can do to inspire the world in your own way. Then, if you're me and Z, you grab a hot slice of pizza from Ian's, sit outside with the lights reflecting in the puddles on the street and just enjoy the fact that you got out on a Friday night to listen to some awesome music. Ok, so I guess that makes up for Saturday's lameness.

Today is much sunnier than yesterday and I had a kickin' rueben at Tony Frank's, so I'm going to try to stop worrying about melting clocks and soak up the sunshine before it goes down.

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