Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In a Flash

Sorry all, things have just been so busy lately that I haven't had time for many updates. Here's the quick skinny:
  • Feeling good, but my belly is definitely starting to stand in the way of doing a few things the way I'm used to. Namely, putting on or taking off my socks or anything dealing with me below the hips
  • I haven't had to shave my legs in weeks! Seriously, being pregnant has either kept my leg hair from growing or it's become really fine. Refer to the point above - that's why I can't tell you which one it is
  • The nursery is still in progress. I'm going to slap a second coat on the trim tomorrow and hopefully it can get put up this weekend
  • Ironically, the "ladies" are making it more difficult to wear my regular clothes than my belly is
  • I'm still enjoying Jooner's little kicks. A fellow preggo told me that baby is usually most active between weeks 25-30. I'm getting there; I can't believe yesterday marked week 23
That's all for now. Hope you're all doing well!

1 comment:

KristinG said...

Had to laugh at your comment about the "ladies" - I felt like I had to buy new bras every couple of weeks...literally went up like 5 sizes! Now I have all of these bras that will never fit me again in a million years...unless I have another baby or something, but while I am game, I do not think M is on board with that idea...