Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Belly All About It

I had a check-up ultrasound today, but no official updates until after my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Oh yes, I know how to create suspense. Pictures to come!

I've been having issues with personal hygiene lately. It's nothing too gross, it's just that I need to start enlisting someone other than myself to cut my toe nails and I fear that the days of shaving my legs are soon going to pass. Luckily, and strangely enough, my body hair has seemed to stop growing. I could probably go all summer without shaving and no one would be the wiser. Even my 'pit hair has ceased to exist. Hey, I'm not complaining, it's just an unexpected pregnancy side effect. In spite of this, my mop top or H.O.H. (Head of Hair, and Z likes to call it), is just as unwieldy and moppy as ever. Warm weather is coming, maybe it's time to do the chop on it again...

The hygiene issues I mentioned above mostly have to do with my growing tummy. My belly button is slowly stretching out and I'm awaiting the day for my innie to turn into an outtie, much like the popping of a turkey timer. Have you ever noticed that pregnant women often have a dark line running down from their breastbone to below their bellies? I've got that kicking as well.

I'm finally starting to really feel pregnant and I'm loving it. Sure, I take at least five bathroom breaks during the course of the work day and eat at least as many snacks before I clock out, but I also get to feel that little boy kicking around in my belly, making me laugh and wonder. There is so much unknown ahead of us. Sure, the future is always unknown, but with Jooner's birth just four months away, the unknown is exciting and thrilling, not scary and uncertain.

This little guy signals the start of our family. I can't think of anything more life-affirming and worthwhile at this point in my life. The other day I found myself saying the words "in between pregnancies." This is truly a turning point. (About that whole "in between pregnancies" thing, I said it in a completely positive context and not in any anti-feminist way. Just in case you're wondering).

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