Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Wisdom

As promised, here are some pictures from yesterday's ultrasound. More for the baby book :-)

I've been so focused on how much I'll learn once Jooner is born that I've been neglecting all there is to learn during pregnancy, and it ends up that there's a lot. I'm not just talking about all the pregnancy stuff, but the lesson of learning to let things go, of learning to accept things as they are, of just being. Well, I think I'm learning these lessons from being pregnant and from reading "The Time Traveler's Wife." Regardless of where these lessons originate, I think they're important ones, ones to truly follow and not just read about and nod to in some coffee-table book about wisdom or how to be happy.

I've always wished that I was a wise old soul (which proves that I'm not), so I try to gather wisdom from all avenues. Putting them into practice isn't very easy, but gathering bits of wisdom is comforting to me, like putting foam blocks into a bit pit to soften any falls. Hopefully I'll have some bits that I can pass on to Jooner when the time is right.

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