Monday, April 25, 2011

Take it From Me

I don't know if there will be any time during this entire pregnancy that I won't be in awe and almost disbelief about the fact that I am pregnant. That there's a new human being growing inside of me. That at this moment, I'm completely responsible for that human's well-being, and that human being marks the start of our family. It's a huge, sobering thought, which is probably why they always say to keep the pregnant woman happy, calm, and away from stress's grip.

I am thankful for the extra consideration, and although e-mails and the calls I receive at work care nothing of the prenatal boundaries I've tried to erect, it's amazing how you can keep yourself at bay when something so important is counting on it. It also makes me think: Shouldn't all of the advice given to pregnant women be given to everyone?

These are the bits of advice I've received so far, based on how frequently they've been told to me:
  1. Try not to get stressed out - So much easier said that done. But, I guarantee that there's an article about dealing with or reducing stress in at least one grocery-stand magazine every month. It's been easier for me to not stress myself out knowing that it will stress out Jooner. But everyone has a good reason not to stress out, health and sanity being a big one. Why isn't that enough for the non-pregnant population?
  2. Listen to your body - When it comes to hunger, rest, and aches and pains, everyone should listen to their body. Given, I think a pregnant woman's body might have more to say than other bodies, but every body is trying to tell its owner something.
  3. Sleep! - As #9 as this wisely hilarious list states, I can't remember a time I wasn't at least kind of tired. Who can't relate?
  4. Get up and move around every hour - I've read this, I haven't been told it, but when you're sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day how can it be a bad idea? Plus, it's a good reason to unglue your eyes from the computer screen and look out a window or at least at something non-pixelated.
Here's my day-after-Easter, Happy Easter picture. Bring on Memorial Day!

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