Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 21 and Motivation Issues

Maybe it's because it's spring, maybe it's because the weather has been terribly dreary and unbearable, maybe it's because all I can think about is Jooner, but I've found it impossible to focus from 8:00-4:30. During those hours, all my mind can focus on is how much my life will soon be changing, what important choices I need to make in preparation for that change (make Jooner's food or store buy it? Cloth or disposable diapers?), and when I'll have a few minutes to scarf down a few pages of the book I'm reading.

I feel bad admitting this and I feel bad that those are the thoughts that run through my mind, but I'm all about full disclosure nowadays. I'm not sure how I can refocus, so I'm putting it all in the hands of the sun - an entity over which I have no control so I don't have to feel guilty about feeling unmotivated. Sun, it's up to you to come out and break me out of this fog. Or is this what people are talking about when they talk about pregnancy brain? Or, to counter the first or, are a lot of people feeling the same way right now? How do we break out of this fog?

In non-slacker news, today marks week 21! Jooner and I are doing well, I'm feeling as hungry as ever, and I'm actually feeling pregnant. What does "feeling pregnant" mean, you ask? For me, it means that when I hug the Big Guy my belly butts up against him before my arms can reach around him, and the time has come to upsize my undergarments. I've got no problems with the former, but the latter is not going to be a fun time. I guess this is a little bit of slacker news because I'm going to put off purchasing new over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders (thank you, "Who's the Boss") as long as possible. So, I'll probably be purchasing some in the next two weeks. It's unfortunate that Victoria's Secret doesn't build anything to handle the sheer force of what I'm dealing with. Oh yeah, being pregnant also means having greatly exaggerated...ladies, or girls, or whatever euphemism makes you the most comfortable.

No belly picture today, but I will be sure to get you one this week since it's growing!

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