Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nursing the Nursery

The glumness of yesterday can be set aside because the sun is shining today and I did come home with some crazy cheap buys. And if you know me, you know I'm crazy cheap. Show and tell time!

I got these fabulous pants (with a bigger belly panel) for $5 from the Old Navy sale racks:

If you haven't had the pleasure of strapping on a pair of maternity pants, you can't truly appreciate how weird it is to have a pair of pants with a mock waistband at least 5 inches below where the real waistband is on your stomach. I've broken my vow to not buy maternity pants with this pair of chinos, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And with the weather not cooperating with my dress/legging combos, I figured $5 wasn't such a bad investment to stay warm.

I can't find a comparable picture to show you, but my other super buy was a gray jersey no-button cardigan with pockets for $5 (again, thank you Old Navy). I loves me some deals!

A little shopping was done on Jooner's behalf, too. Before leaving the house, I scored these adorable framed prints from InkTreePress to hang on the nursery walls once they're painted (more on that later):

The colors and whimsical style are exactly the images I'd like to have fill Jooner's early memories.

We also nailed down the background color for these cute pictures. It's called "Sandpiper," and it's a khaki/beachy color that isn't expressed well by the sample below.

It's really happening! Bits of the nursery are coming together slowly, and I can't wait to put together a before and after scrap book for you all! It's amazing what can get accomplished when there's a timeline put before you.


Beth said...

I'm looking at your very cute prints for the babe's room as I listen to your tune by the Getaway People. It does have a nice soothing sound and might just remind me a little of Zach's band. I'm really enjoying your blog and look forward on the weekends to see what has gone on for the week. I really wish all of this technology would have been around when I had the boys because after a while it all becomes a blur. You will have record of the whole thing. Kudos to you!

Jojo said...

I'm glad that you are liking it! This really is a lot more fun than writing 3 sentences in a pregnancy journal, and I'm glad that this will always be in cyberspace once Junior is old enough to appreciate it.