Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bad Weather Blues

I have a lot of aspirations for today: Hitting up Double Double Coupon Day at the Pick N' Save (inspired by the 5 minutes of Extreme Couponing that I watched on TLC, I spent at least 2 hours coupon hunting online last night and this morning), finishing off the rest of the grocery shopping at Woodman's, buying the dog some food, stopping by a couple shops to get Z some work clothes and me an outfit for Easter, buying out first gallon of paint for the nursery and clearing out the office before that paint can be applied...but as I sit on the couch, listening to music on the computer while Z settles into his accounting homework, I loathe the thought of getting out of my warm pajamas and putting on shoes to brave the oppressive weather outside. It might be worth it for a Blizzard, but even that isn't sealing the deal for me.

All this bad weather is leaving a cloud over my head. Bah. Hopefully I get some good deals today to help bring out the sun!

1:00 pm updated: It's started to snow sideways. No joke.

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