Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boy, oh Boy!

My blog's background is changed for the day in honor of a big announcement: Junior is truly a Junior - we're having a boy! Our appointment was first thing yesterday morning, and we celebrated and mulled over the news by having breakfast at The Curve (Corned beef hash? Yes please!). Needless to say, the rest of the day I was unproductive and unfocused. How can I be expected to answer e-mails, phone calls, and clean up cost proposals when the lump under my dress has a real name and my mind is filled with thoughts of robots, trucks, and rockets? My answer: I can't. So there.

The ultrasound was an incredible experience. Unlike the first one where Jooner was essentially a bean with appendage buds, this time around we saw his perfectly-formed spine, recognizable and unrecognizable organs, his four-chambered heart beating it's 149 beats per minute, bones, limbs, and his...boyness.

This is my favorite picture from yesterday. His outline reminds me of a deep sea creature, watery and clear, like a jellyfish. And his profile just looks so perfect. There really is a baby in there. Who would have thought?

This is Zach's favorite picture because he thinks Jooner is giving us the thumbs up, as in, "All good here in, Mom and Dad."

This is the picture he took to work to show everyone for that reason, and it's for that reason that he wants to carry it around with him.

I'll admit that when I first found out we were having a boy, I realized in that moment that deep down I was really hoping for a girl because I understand them. In the same moment, Z realized that he really had no preference and would be happy with a girl or a boy. At this moment, we're both happy that our baby is doing well, as evidenced by his positive hand gesture above. It's such a relief and a joy to have come out of our ultrasound elated and reassured.

On an unrelated note, I headed to the grocery store today to pick up candy to help fill Easter eggs for The Crazies (my oldest sister's kids). Unfortunately, I was starving and felt the need to pick something up even though I was heading straight home. Today's impulse buy was a bubble of sweet King's Hawaiian Bread, which is on it's way to being halfway gone.

My mom used to buy this stuff when I was younger and I would stand in the kitchen shaving off thin slivers of it, thinner than the suggested serving size, so I could cut off multiple slices without feeling gluttonous. I would carefully brown each slice in the toaster oven (do people still use toaster ovens?) and smooth a scraping of butter over it, eating it in the kitchen because I knew that slice wasn't my last. Mmm, bread memories.

To anyone from King's Hawaiian: I'm pregnant and I love your bread. If you're looking for a spokesperson (because extra fundage for Jooner can't hurt), I'm your gal. No matter how many takes it may take to get the scene right, I will happily pack away slices and rolls of your delicious bread in the name of perfection. I'm that dedicated.

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KristinG said...

I recall in the instant that we found out we were having a girl, that I become aware of my hopes for a boy. Actually, as large as I was early on - part of me kept hoping that I was having twins and they just kept missing baby #2 - weird huh? I'm very happy for you guys. Congrats on Junior and may the coming months be filled with many good eats! ;)