Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ye Olde Computer

I am coming to you from my old desktop computer. This sizable hunk of technological mastery is probably over five years old - a dinosaur in computer age. Strange thing is, it seems to work more reliably - albeit much more slowly - than our sleek, slim laptop (ok, it's not so much of either of those anymore seeing as our laptop is about two or three years old).

Today we talked about if we would save this poor old computer's life, or if we would let her go by the wayside and eventually put all our eggs into the laptop's basket. Given that I felt pain for the loss of a car and have a hard time throwing out any birthday cards, does it come as much surprise that the thought of getting rid of good old reliable desktop computer makes me a little sad?

We bought this computer soon after we moved out to Colorado after I graduated college. I remember spending hours in front of this computer uploading pictures Z and I had taken of our first dog who is no longer with us. Zach spent hours in front of it in his in-home "studio" recording tracks and writing songs. There are numerous versions of my resume and failed cover letters tucked into the maze of folders that we have created. This old computer is a reminder and holder of a different life, just like the laptop is of our life in Madison.

If, after reading this, you think I'm a hoarder and have a closet full of shoeboxes crammed with old reciepts that I just can't bare to part with, you'd be sorely mistaken. I just have a couple of stuffed animals and a good hunk of birthday cards that hold a special place in my heart ;-)

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