Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Exciting Things Present and Future

Before the week is out, Z and I will have purchased two much-anticipated tickets to the British Virgin Islands, or the BVIs as I like to call them (because it’s just cooler to refer to things by their initials. And I’ve called them the BVIs, like, twice). I’d like to say that we’re heading to those unbelievably blue waters during these cold Wisconsin winter months, but June is when we head south and start our seven-day sailing adventure.

That’s right, Z and I will be “on a boat” in the words, but not in the style, of T-Pain. We are going to join his family and two rented boats in Beef Island to glide our way through clear waters between and to islands, with the main event being the marriage of his cousin. I’m excited, but I’ve been really good at keeping my emotions, particularly excitement, at bay lately (more on that later). Plus, it’s way too early to get worked up about a June vacation.

One exciting thing that’s happened recently is that my nephews each turned a year older! One is now four, and the other is one. We had a great time at their joint birthday party with family, friends, and, wait for it, a caricaturist!

After my brief stint as a caricaturist’s model, I don’t know how people back in the day stood so still for painted portraits. But the few minutes Z and I had to wait while our caricature was constructed was totally worth it! Ariel had a great personality and unbelievable patience, considering that the majority of his time at the party was spent sketching wiggly kids pumped full of jelly beans, pizza, and cake.

And oh, the cake. There is a great Mexican market in my hometown that makes tres leches cake. If you’ve never had tres leches, it’s time to expand your horizons. I may sound odd, but it’s a white cake soaking with, well, tres leches, with a layer of strawberry cream in the middle and coated in a light frosting. But wait, there’s more. More cake, that is. This one was made at Cake Nouveau for the lucky little guy turning one:

Z will be turning 33 next month, so there will probably be more cake talk to come. If someone were to make you your dream cake, what would it be?

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