Thursday, September 09, 2010


Although I've only seen under two episodes, I proclaim Wipeout to be the only tv show worthy of a real, honest to goodness mouth wide open I-can't-do-anything-else-but-laugh kind of laugh. "Why don't I watch this show more often?" is what I always ask myself after the show ends (which means I've asked myself that question two, soul-searching times). And there's no good reason for it except for the fact that I've gotten forgetful in my late twenties. That and most of our tv time is filled with cartoons and episodes of Psych.

If you've ever seen Wipeout, you may be wondering, "What's so funny about someone else's misfortune?" Nothing, except when it involves them getting bounced off of huge, red, boxing-glove like balloons into a lake of water or doing cartwheels in the air as they are suddenly knocked off balance by some revolving, well-padded bar into a lake of water. Do yourself a favor (and me, since words are not doing the show justice), and give her a quick watch.

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