Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring In My Step

There's a storm a' brewin.' No, really, it's lightning and thundering outside and it smells thick, like spring. Falling asleep last night, I felt so peaceful to be in my house, out in the country, protected by my dog and the Z man. The literal calm before the storm. Now, however, since it's been raining for a good part of the day, the house smells like a wet dog, wet wood, and dirt, and I kind of like it.

There's a whiff of this guy in the air

This weekend will be one at home, and as long as the weather doesn't completely shut us indoors, it's a promising one. Sure, the usual items are on the list - groceries, gym, cleaning - but, I'm hoping for a little Saturday vacation from the norm. Perhaps a little bit of this or a little bit of that? As long as I have energy left after tomorrow's long run, anything is possible.

Speaking of running, the big event is almost here! Today I realized how little I've said about it to anyone besides my family and a few friends. I've been trying to make this run something I'm doing for myself so much so that I barely mentioned it to anyone else. So, here is it: WORLD, I'M RUNNING A HALF-MARATHON NEXT SATURDAY. WILL YOU BE AT THE FINISH LINE WITH A BIG PROTEIN SHAKE, A BURGER, AND A BARF BAG? I THINK I'M GOING TO NEED ALL OF THEM.

I'm excited to cross the finish line not only to gain that sense of achievement, but so I can move on to the next event. I'm looking forward to my next organized run, whether it be a long distance one or a fast and dirty dash. Maybe I'll try to run an 8 minute mile. Maybe I'll do a full marathon. Maybe I'll run once a week and eat lots of ice cream. Those are all possibilities.

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