Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Romper Kind of Day, A Gardening Kind of Weekend

A couple of weeks ago I bought a romper - that's right, they're coming back - and I waited patiently for romper weather. Romper weather being mostly sunny, no chance of rain, and at least 75 degrees out. It's been nice out lately, but rompers aren't really work casual, and I didn't want to break in my new romper in on my hands and knees in the garden this weekend. But today, today was my day. The day I introduced my romper to the world. The world being my front porch and the guys who came over tonight for band practice. I am happy to say that I am contentedly writing this from the comfort of my romper on a mostly sunny, no chance of rain, 80 degree day.

This weekend was a weekend of work, and it felt so good to finally have all that work under my belt. With a little elbow (and knee) grease, Z and I put the finishing touches on the garden.

The guts:

Getting down and dirty.
I only do the glamour work.
Burying the body. Err, spreading the soil.
The glory:

In half-marathon news, my run is in T-4 days! I am excited and ready to pound some Indianapolis pavement. This event, even though it hasn't happened yet, has changed my winter and is already transforming my summer. I'm looking forward to my first post-half-marathon race. Maybe it will be the Dandelion Dash?

That's a cute name for a run, but I really get a kick out of the "Berbee Derby." Besides the fact that it rhymes, I sometimes call Z "berbee" (pet name, you know). That might just be enough for me to want to run it. Mmm, on second thought, who am I kidding? I'm going to be stuffing my craw with cranberry sauce and turkey by that time of the year. Did I just move from May to November in two races? Maybe I'm faster than I thought.

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