Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Root Beer Floats!

I've had three root beer floats in the past week. I like skimming the ice creamed-root beer foam off the top first, then I like to finish it off by letting the last bit of ice cream melt into the root beer until it becomes a creamy, mocha color, fit for gulping.

That's not my float, but tell me that doesn't look tasty. I dare you.

There's something about living near the lake, seeing the sun reflect off the water between the trees when it's setting, that makes every sunny spring day feel like summer. Tonight we ate in our screened-in porch: turkey burgers, sweet 'tato fries, and for me, a root beer float. Although I only caught a few minutes of the burning sunset, it was enough to incinerate any problems today was giving me. I just need to remember that root beer float + sunset x dinner with Ziggy = happy me. I'm really going to like living here in the summer, I already know it.

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