Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brinner, Anyone?

Today has been a good day.

Even though I was indoors all day in the office, I still felt the sun rub me on the shoulders on the other side of the big window that looks to the parking lot. It's the kind of day where Blue will fall asleep with grass stains on his paws.

Where Z and I dream about what we'll do to the backyard and the front yard and the house, someday. The kind of day where traffic heading home doesn't cause me to curse and swear that Wisconsin drivers are the worse (I still maintain that they are, but there are some 30 odd states I have yet to drive in). Today is a day when we had breakfast for dinner. Brinner, if you will.

That magical meal where pancake batter comes out to play at night and hashbrowns see the dark. The one problem with brinner is that it's a gluttonous meal. You don't have brinner just for p.m. pancakes. You have it for the pancakes and the sausage and the hasbrowns and the eggs and the syrup and the coffee. It's an almost endless smörgåsbord of all your favorite morning foods shoved down your gullet mere hours before bedtime. I am spoiled.

More than eating is going on in the kitchen, though. There's some growth happening, too. Our little seedlings have sprouted and are showing some muscle.

Aren't they beautimous? I'm so excited to plant them outside and see them take hold. What you're seeing is the making of (from closest to farthest) some stellar summer squash, green onions, peppers, and tomatoes.

Plants inside the house can really change the atmosphere. A friend of mine plants pots of grass in the middle of winter to grow inside the house just to have something green and thriving while everything outside is coated in snow. It's an ingenious idea and as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal. She gave me a pot to bring home and it's been on our kitchen table ever since. A few trims here and there and it's as well kept as Z's summer hair-do (a close buzz cut). I love living things.

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