Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Family Member

This is the newest addition to our family, Karlstad (ignore the clutter on the table. If you can). We picked him up at Ikea and are very excited about it! Z and I have never owned a new couch, so having to create our own butt grooves is a new, but welcome, task. Karlstad is comfy and I know that we are going to be life-long friends. Or friends for at least 10 years, because that's when the warranty is up.

Karlie is a marked departure from our old, sagging, fluffy leather coach, which has now been relegated to the porch. Yup, for the time being we are "those people."

This picture might not seem so bad, but what you aren't seeing is that across from our old couch is a pile of old curtains topped with a Budweiser basketball hoop, all gifts from the house's previous owners. Mmhmm, told you.

I didn't know that Ikea would be such a gold mine. Not only did we come back from our Chicago weekend with a new couch and kitchen curtains (pics to come on that one when we mount them), we also got a steal on some kitschy-cool pillow cases to compliment Karl.

I looove them! They've got character and color and they're going to help us pull both into our living room decor. But one of the best things about them? I got the last pair in the store since they're now discontinued, and it cost me a whopping $4. The only thing that makes getting something new better is getting something new for peanuts.

I can safely say that the living room restyle has begun!

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